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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 20, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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you will see what officers found that will make one local area safer. good morning,thank you for joining us on that friday. i'm pam cook. >> it's friday. >> here is steve with traffic and weather. >> ready for that, yes, indeed. >> we had a good fog bank starting to move back in. we had a lot of upper 80s and 90s inland. 60s, 70s and now back into the low 80s and mid-80s. some locations will drop a good 10 degrees. here is sal. >> things are actually okay so far out there. we have roads that are wide open. no major problems if you are driving on 880 in oakland all the way up to the colyseum. back to the desk.
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5:00. extra security will patrol a santa clara campus, and that's because of some threats made against a school. let's go to crudin wong. >> reporter: you can see santa clara police cars. that's actually the canine unit. just a couple of minutes ago, the officer from that car and thing to actually went on to campus to do apatrol. i talked to them this morning but they would not tell me their plans exactly for security reasons. they are accepted about this threat made back on august 4th right now, there will be classes here today at briarwood elementary school. they don't expect any problems. they say that the campus is secure. there is a scroll that
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threatened to have a detonation of some kind of device toi.d on monday, the superintendent for the santa clara unified school district sent a letter out to parents tell them about the threat, telling them that extra precautions were being taken at the school but also telling them that the school will remain open today. officers will be on patrol, it extra officers, because of this threat. they are investigating trying to see who is behind it. again, they do believe that everything will be safe for the kids today. they are expecting kids to come to school today. as you can see, they are already taking extra precautions and extra security measures to make sure that the campus is secure. we're going to continue to try to talk to the district and the police officers out here. we'll keep you updated all day long. santa clara authorities are investigating a horrific incident at a concert in saratoga that left many wins shaken. we want to show you the photo taken from the mountain winery
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last night where witnesses tell us that a man plunged from the top of that building in the background and landed on the stage. the man was given cpr immediately but he did not survive. authorities are investigating the case as an apparent suicide. they are also still trying to piece together what exactly happened. oakland police need your help to find a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in a parking garage. the victim says she saw the man four days later near lake meritt gilroy police are wrapping up a major drug bust that would take millions of dollars of drugs off the streets. police raided a home.
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the drugs worth a street value of $100 million were seized including 500 vials of methamphetamine and more than 80 pounds of marijuana. >> we have been with the sheriff didn't for 30 years and in narcotics for 18 of those years and i have never seen anything like this >> the investigation began in sacramento. the case let to the gilroy location which police say is connected to a lucrative next cap drug cartel. three people were arrested. they are facing additional charges. additional raids were carried out in sacramento and modesto san francisco police were called to the scene of a fatal shooting. it happened in elworth street. police were called in after somebody reported shots being fired. police found the having tim who died at the scene. the name has not been released but it's believed that he was
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18 years old. earlier, a 18-year-old man was shot and killed in san francisco's ocean view neighborhood. that happened about 6:40 at capital avenue and lobo street. the victim was taken to san francisco general hospital where he later died. police believe that the attack may have been gang related. time is now 5:04. there is a search for the killer of a teen. rouese had just completed an orient yaition at a high school, was at a bus stop waiting for his mother to pick him up and drive him home. that's when two men walked up to rouse and shot him. the shooters got away but a gun that may have been used in the killing was fun a few blocks
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away. milbrae police arrested a man who left a path of destruction. >> reporter: i don't know if you can see me way down here. i'm down here because i wanted to show how wide a path of destruction this person made. >> again, kraig is down in milbrae this morning. we are unfortunately having some problems with his microphone but we will check back in with him in a little wit. just a horrific story. let's go straight to sal because sal has more information about this? >> as a matter of fact, we'll give you a little bit more information coming up here. but mop of one everything -- but one information that i will tell you is that none of the
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major roads are blocked. again, what you need to know now, it will not affect your commute on any of the major roads in milbrae or on the peninsula. let's go outside to 80 westbound. traffic is moving on okay as you drive to the mains. no problem on to the bay bridge toll plaza. we are hoping for a good day today. the last few days have been crowded. on this day, we are looking for a good day. looking at 280 san jose northbound, we are looking at chp, just getting out the door. there is nothing major right now on the bay area roadway. here is steve. >> thank you very much. yesterday warmed up. low 80s, the 0s. and two lows are taking a&m at the west coast. so that's going to cool us
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down. more fog, cooler temperatures. wind. if you have a flight, i don't care about san jose, or heading out to hawaii and the pack, you could see that blanket of fog. it got knocked down a little bit yesterday but got back. a little bit of a mist there. 60s, 70s, 80s. 52 san raphael, napa, 59, san jose. 7-degree spread. con court 524. speaking of, so is iew yukiah. there is one system coming in that's merging. the one on the bottom left of the screen, the at moss forehas been drawn up. that is going to give us a heck of a cool down. we had a warm yesterday but the
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high got blown out. see you later. sunday will be sunny but windy. that will start a warm up early next week. fog, sunny and cooler. 80s, low to mid-for some, lot of 70s back into the 80s. 60s closer to the coast. cooler weather takes over today and saturday. warmer monday and tuesday. >> all right, thank you, steve we want to go back out to milbrae this morning where police arrested a man. kraig debro is now live with the details. >> reporter: good morning. i'm on sequoia in milbrae. it start down there beyond that street light, believe it or not. shortly after midnight this morning. first, the driver was headed west bound on sequoia.
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the tree was very dammed, very strong tree because according to police, the driver was going upward of 60 miles per hour. he went head on into a minivan and look at the minivan. looking at the minivan, you get another idea of how fast this driver was going. he hit a dark car after that and then this is when he went into somebody's property, hitting a house, taking a chunk out of a house and knocking a structure with some leaves. he then hit a vw gulf. he took this structure down. i'm not sure what the name of this is but it's one of these solid anings. there is this electrical hookup here. people here were in no neighborhood to tawfnlgt i have a call into the milbrae police to find out exactly what this person was arrested under
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suspicion off, whether it was drunk driving or something else and if he's going to be booked into the county jail. reporting live, kraig debro. >> incredible story. >> yeah. last night's a's game featured some politics. we'll tell you why volunteers were out there about voting and what's new. and a warning about jewelry and what has replaced lead. and roger clemens answers a federal indictment by twitter. i will tell you how he is responding to the charges against him, coming up and if you are on the road, nothing dramatic or political. just an empty sonola gray. it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next
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we should learn today whether charges should be dropped against former crime lab technician deborah madden. san francisco police chief george gascon will maybe the announcement. the state attorney general is unlikely to invest the time and money to prosecute madden for stealing cocaine. madden's attorney said that it would be difficult to prove that a paper used to wrap drug
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came from the lab. a federal grand jury decided to indict roger clemens for lying to congress about taking steroids. ktvu's allison burn is live with all the details. good morning, allison. >> good morning to you, david. i just checked roger clemens' twitter feed where it looks like he has been thanking anyone who sends him some encouragement. it's been two years since he testified here on capitol hill adamantly denying that he ever took steroids or human growth hormone. now, he could go to prison aftebeing indicted to a federal grand jury for allegedly lying to congress. clemens is sticking to his story. >> he has put on the twitter account saying the same thing. he denies that he took h g h or steroids and denying that he lied to congress. >> reporter: if he is
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convicted, clemens would likely face about a year or two in jail and a fine up to $1.5 million. reporting live from washington, d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. for most state workers, today is a furlough friday. the state supreme court ruled that furlough can resume for nearly 150,000 workers because of the budget impact. some of the state offices closed today include the department of motor vehicles as well as the department of public health and fish and game. governor schwarzenegger has ordered workers to take not only today and next friday off but also a floating unpaid day before the end of august. critics say that governor schwarzenegger should have known that welfare debit card would work in atms attica sinos. records show that the commission appointed by the
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governor knew about that possibility in 2006. critics want to know why the governor didn't know before the time that the new york times exposed that story. and people are out telling people about the new rank choice voting system. we are switching to a different voting method for oakland, berkeley and san leandro. they will rank their kaipped date, 1, 2, 3 in the order. >> and you will get your second -- >> they passed out flyers, answered questions about this new voting system. supporters say this will allow elections to be decided without the need for costly runoff elections, even if a candidate does not get 50% of the first place votes. let's check back in with sal. how is the commute, sal? >> i'm glad you asked me that question. >> because you have the information? >> yes, i do.
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very well, in fact, on this friday. let's take a look outside. that's a nice time to get out if you want to get out and don't want to deal with any slow traffic. you can take advantage of the calm in this commute before anything happens. 880 nearby looks good. traffic is flowing along very well. if you are driving into the bay brim or coming into san francisco, westbound traffic there looks pretty good. it's 5:17. here is steve. >> sal? >> yes, sir. >> my father and i said give sal a call. >> he is kidding. happy friday. we had a warmup, even on the coast one of my tweets, sp weather, sunny in pacificca. that is breaking news. it has been cold there.
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it does not take long to warm up, does it? you take high pressure and today it's like i'm gone. a couple of systems are moving n the fog bank is huge, it really is. it will be on the increase in the next couple of days. fog and mist. there had will be some warm are than that. yesterday at this time was about 12. that's a big jump. 52 san rafael. santa rosa is in there as well. also a nice e-mail from phil, one of our observers and watchers. palo alto, 57. san jose at 59. 80 still in the desert. the fog is on the increase. sacramento not reporting but probably about the aim as ukiah. watch out that joins us with the strong wind coming up. therein lies the source of a
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big-time cooling trend. temperatures went up, fog burned up early. everybody says it's nice and warm. here comes the cooldown. sunday, i'm still hanging my hat on the clouds clearing out but it will be windy. sunny but windy. upper 80s if you are well away from any fog continue influenza but a good 10-degree drop from yesterday. 60s and 70s, coast and bay and temperatures will cool down. windy on sunday but it does look warmer on sunday. the fog will be back but still warm inland on tuesday. european markets are trading lower after concerns overnight about the u.s. economy. investors in i shall -- in asia are worried that the u.s.
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economy will slip back into a recession. adding to negative sentiment in china, its uncertainty after the beijing government announced it will examine the finances of local governments that invest in real estate and infra structure there. starbucks claims of better than expected sales of its villa brand coffee are now being questioned. employees are pressured to push sales of the coffee and works are ringing up other sales as villa sales. they say that villa is on its way to becoming a billion dollars business one state lou maker is working with a bill to ban the use of high levels of metal
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cadmium for jewelry. asian manufacturers are using merchandiseall which is a toxic metal, in jewelry f this bill pass, jewelry that has more than 3200 parts of cad mum per million could not be sold or made in california beginning in 2012. >> right now, it's 5:21 and there are some anxious moments for people at a famous restaurant. we'll tell you why all the excitement is a hoax. and they are calling it a freak accident and it involves a mail truck. stay tuned. [ female announcer jcp cash is on the spot savings.
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good morning. we have a little bit more in the way of low clouds, mist and fog and stronger sea breeze. that means cooler inland. 60s and 70s as you head west. >> thank you, steve the state senate pass the and -- the state senate passed and forwarded a bill to the governor that would expand the amber alert system toll a blue system. the alerts would give descriptions of the suspect or vehicle on television, radio and those freeway signs. a mail truck burst into flames during a freak accident.
5:26 am
that happened yesterday afternoon after construction crews working on lavareka road broke a natural gas line and called pg&e. at about the same time, the mail truck rolled up and passed over that broken line. santa clara county firefighters says that as the truck pulled away, it caught fire. the mail carrier got away but the flames destroyed the truck and all the mail inside san francisco police are trying to figure out who made a prank 911 call yesterday. they got a call saying that the man was at the roof of the restaurant shooting at police below. it even sounded like there were gunshots in the background during that phone call. police quickly swarmed that restaurant on california street. >> they started walking down california. several officers with guns drawn pointing at several buildings. they pointed at me and said, you need to get out of here.
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>> police figured out that the call was a hoax. the phone number where the call originated is the same one used last month to make a similar prank call to the fairmont hotel. the livermore pleasanton fire station closed last month. it's -- threw firefighters have been reassigned to another livermore fire station. fire officials described the closure as temporary and say they are working towards another solution. station 10 had the fewest number of calls among all firehouses there. new information is coming in about a threat to sfo. and police in oakland are warning people to be on alert following several terrifying daylight attacks. good morning, westbound 80
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traffic moving well. looks like we see some police cars in that lane heading somewhere back. you know we're going to get to the bottom of this. we'll tell you more about that coming up. welcome to ultimate rewards from chase. no blackouts, no restrictions on airfare and hotels, no limits to what you can get with ultimate rewards. no wonder it's called ultimate. available on chase credit, debit, and business cards. chase what matters.
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good morning to you, welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 news
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friday. >> good morning. let's check in the weather. >> we are back into that cooling pattern. really strong system is coming down towards us. gusts of 30 miles per hour which is a huge difference compared to yesterday. 60s and 70s as you head back to the bay and coast. here is sal. >> 80 right now. westbound looking pretty good. also this morning, we are looking at the bay brimming toll plaza and that traffic is light. let's go back to the desk. >> actually, we're going to kraig debro who is going to be talking about a horrific accident in milbrae that has left a path of destruction. good morning. >> i'm in sequoia and south ashton. it is remarkable that no one was hurt. i spoke to police and they confirmed to me that this is a
5:32 am
dui. i want to show you first what happened. just a little after midnight this morning, this blue truck came blazing through this street, sequoia, and hit the tree. the tree is pretty tough. the tree just got some scrapes on it. the tree simply crushed an suv parked in front of that actress. you can tell from looking at that suv this truck wasgoing pretty fast. it hit a dark car and caromed off into 961, striking a house and then a pergola. that's the thing that has pots on top of it. this loose like a hedge of pushes. if you stood taupe, it would be a frame and on top of the frame there would be bushes.
5:33 am
the owner of the car was able to get out of the driveway. in spoking to -- in speaking to police, they tell me that the man they arrested for dui, he was cited. he is released. 's 25-year-old white man out of burlingame. that's all they would tell me. they did not take him into custody. he just got a citation. oakland police are warning people to be on alert following a terrifying daytime attack. jade hernandez is live with a look at the clues that investigators have in this case. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. i'm in front of the parking garage where the woman says she was sexually assaulted. this was an afternoon attack. this garage is near city hall. oakland police want residents and visitors to the city to not only be vigilant but keep an eye out for a man police say is
5:34 am
responsible. a woman wag reportedly sexually assaulted thursday afternoon lunchtime in in 1414 clay street. she contacted police earlier this week when she spotted her attacker wearing head phones and dark large sunglasses near lake meritt. we have a description of the attacker to share with you. police are describing him as an african american man in his early to mid-30s, about 59th, 59th -- about 5'9", 200 pounds. he has a missing tooth. stay in group. there is strange this in numbers. be aware of your surroundings. and when you get into your cars, lock your doors immediately. reporting live from oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. classes are in session today in briarwood elementary school despite reports of a
5:35 am
bomb threat. this is new video of a third officer arriving at the school this morning. students and parents will see a police presence on campus. the heightened security comes after the threat and graffitti were discovered august 4th at the school on townsend avenue. police in oakland are investigating a fatal shooting. this happened about 9:30. it's believe the unidentified victim was a 54-year-old man who was living inside his truck. police are now looking for the victim's girlfriend who they believe may have been involved. police in antioch are looking for thieves they say burglarized a home and stole several guns. someone tried to break into a house on basley avenue. the thieves stole several items including a large gun safe holding several rifles and hand guns. the thieves were gone by the
5:36 am
time police got there. investigators confirmed that that house had been burglarized. the fbi is still trying to sort out a major incident at san francisco airport. a threatening phone call threatening a specific american airline flight grounded a flight for hours. flight 24 was headed for new york, but, instead, was redirectd to a remote part of the tarmac as police officers and federal agents warmed in to investigate. >> there was a v-threat and fit involved the threat of a hijacking. >> somebody came in through the back of the plane and i saw a couple of people standing up and they took him away. i think they were a couple. >> reporter: that man and woman were quickly questioned and released. eventually, the remaining 1261 passengers 1261 -- 161 passengers and 11 crew members were allowd to leave the plane.
5:37 am
the threat was not credible but it came in from the hampton inn. the front desk clerk said he got a phone threat around 9:00 in the morning which was a few minutes before the plane's newly scheduled departure. >> it was all mumble. could not pick anything up. so after that, what he could gather from the four-second kings was a lot of it was hard to pick up. after that, he said that i'm going to hijack flight 24 american airlines. >> the manager praised the quick action of his clerk. the caller did not say why at the wanted to hijack flight 24.
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a double homicide this month. it appears one of the men stabbed the other during a heated argument. before he died, he fired up a shot in self-defense and killed his attacker. the cab driver who was hailed as a hero after the recent killing of a german tourist in san francisco will be honored today in san francisco. he is credited with reporting that suspicious car. his action allowed police to take five people into custody although nobody was taken into custody. the cab driver will be honored by police, politicians and his fellow cab drivers. we saw those police cars
5:39 am
driving on 80 and now we know where they were going. there is an accident on el portale. turns out to be a minor injury, not causing a traffic jam but that's where they are headed. they got there and determined that it's a minor crash and there are some minor injuries but it's holding up traffic in either direction. that's el porcale drive. let's go along and look at freeway 880. that traffic looks pretty good driving in both directions. this morning's commute on 280 northbound in san jose is also off to a nice start. the weekend forecast, here is steemplets turks sir. a little bit of warm numbers from yesterday. 93 in livermore. santa rosa downtown was 83. some was 83. oakland, 73. san francisco, though, 65. more of what we usually see.
5:40 am
those temperatures come back down. look at the left of your screen. right there. a strong system coming down from the gulf of alaska. 3 degrees cooler than yesterday. temperatures, you will see some these highs here in just a second. there is santa rosa. walnut creek, 87. 79. already a sea breeze ripping through that part of the east bay. oakland, 73 downtown. and also the airport, i might add. we'll go 67 today. san jose, 83 to 76. interesting. san jose and santa rosa mirroring themselves here. 59 san jose. everybody e except concord, says cloudy or fog. 54 yucca. for us, watch out. right there. right there. there is one low and watch how this one gets drawn up into that one.
5:41 am
right there. combination of the two will swing over take us into saturday night or sunday. sunny and windy on monday. high pressure comes in for a little warmup for a couple of days. we had a warmup yesterday but that's it. that's it. it's going bye-bye now. cooling trend starts friday. later today into saturday, that means temperatures going down. fog and mist, sunny and cooler and then windy at times, especially from sfo. fair field has a gust of 30. that's a screaming message. that will be cooler. we'll go about 10 degrees cooler for some inland locations today. cooler on saturday as we. a lot of low clouds and fog, tough to burn that off but it will be wiped out. staying warm on tuesday. >> thank you, steve three men are now under arrest after a police chase that ended at the sacramento zoo. police say it began yesterday afternoon when two stolen
5:42 am
vehicles were driving together. one of them crashed and witnesses say that the people jumped into the other vehicle and then they drove off. when police followed them, that car crashed into a fence at the zoo and three people took off running. they were caught and arrested time now, 5:41. the salmonella outbreak reported to the recall of millions of eggs from an iowa company will probably get bigger. about 2,000 people have been sick including dozens right here in the bay area but the f.d.a. says that the outbreak could have been prevented if some new federal rules requiring more testing for salmonella would have been in place earlier. california already has those standards in place. 5:42 is the time right now. still ahead, san francisco's main library is trying to discourage one specific type of
5:43 am
visitors. and the search for an escaped convict is finally over. we'll tell you what he told police he wished he had done and we are looking at the bay area commute. all about that coming up.
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good morning, more fog and also a pretty good little sea breeze for some. low to mid-80s. away from the coast. here is a look at the top
5:46 am
stories. about $100 million worth of methamphetamine and cocaine were seized from a house in gilroy according to police. that is believed to be connectd to a mexican drug cartel. three people were arrested during that raid. richmond police are out searching for two suspects who shot and killed a 16-year-old boy at a bus stop from the city's iron triangle. the teenager had just finished a school orientation when he was shot and killed. and we will learn today if charges will be dropped against a former san francisco lab technician. there may not be enough evidence it againsdeborah madden. right now, a wildfire is burning, some 200 firefighters are ready.
5:47 am
homeowners are told toll be ready just in case. the fires started about 82:00 last night. police caught up with two arizona fugitives. investigators tracked police some escapee john mcklusky and his fiance near the new mexico border. an unattended camp fire was seen and a car hidden in the trees. when he was arrested, he told officers he should have gone to his tent to get his gun so he could kill both them and it the forest ranger. >> singer wyclef jean has reportedly been stopped in his bid to become the president of haiti. final word is expected today. the 39-year-old does not meet a very key legal requirement that says that candidates must have spent five years living in haiti before the election.
5:48 am
wyclef jean is adamant is still in the run can. he was born in haiti but moved to the united states as a boy. the council is due to release a list of those eligible to run. the u.s. has told israel that iran will be a year away from being built. the united states and irsays that iran has had difficulties converting high grade uranium. the number of crimes commitd in san francisco library is on the rise. there were 38 assault and 49 thefts up compared to the year before but the number of drug- related incidents dropped this
5:49 am
year from 43 to 33. the library has increased security to keep out repeat offenders. there has been a 10% increase in the number of people using libraries. >> sal is like a lie brayry on traffic. >> we showed you some police cars on 80 eastbound heading up to the freeway. they were going to some police activity where there was an assault that ended up on 80 and el portal. this happened in richmond and then the person pulled over because he was injured at the off ramp. contra costa sheriff are handling it now. the person was taken to the hospital. the vehicle is still there, having to tow it away. there was a lot of police presence and lots of flashing lights which does tend to distract people. let's move along and take a look at north and west.
5:50 am
this morning's commute is going to be okay, westbound bay bridge. let's go to steve. >> thank you. many of you may be heading up to sonoma for the indy grand prix. it didn't get out there but that won't be the case. night and mornings chilly. sun. it's not bad but not going to be that hot. upper 720ed, low 80s and windy at time. more fog, low clouds saturday. saturday will look pretty good. windy at times but not hot, hot. it's going to be noticeably cooler for everybody and it starts today. 57 at 9, 59 at noon and 62 at 3. there was this big ball in the sky, yeah, that was the sun. my forecast goes from here to
5:51 am
iowa, seems like. 57 palo alto, 59 san jose. 54 oakland, better berkeley -- berkeley, livermore. high pressure is going to get bumped out of here. one list system right there. there it is. watch how it gets drawn up into that system. that will come between now and late saturday or sunday. we pick up the sea breeze. still sunny but windy on sunday but the temperatures will be coming down over the next few days. rebound on monday, tuesday. we have don't plan it that way. that's just the way it comes down. windy at ties, especially once that cloudiness evolves. it's in place. saturday may be a tough day along the coast. sunday should be per.
5:52 am
i'm hanging my hat on a limb there. i'll go with it. warmer inland. >> turks steve 5:51 is the time. hewlett packard report solid growth last october. the numbers also show the plan to turn hp into a technology service power house like ibm is making slow progress. uncertainty upon who is lieding the company is hurting hp. results were close to prerecession levels. ref move topped 15 1/2 billion dollars which beats analyst expectations okay. time now, 5:52. now, a $50,000 reward is being offered to solve a bay area murder. the case involves a well-known
5:53 am
community activist. we'll tell you how police are pressing in to solve this case.
5:54 am
5:55 am
. wreck to the morning news. contra costa county vector control is scheduled to play for mosquitoes. take a look at the map.
5:56 am
the spray zone is boarded by byron highway, orwood road, eagle lane and the werner cut. as police in east palo alto runs out of leads in the death of a community leader, they are asking for help. he was shot. at a community meeting, the chief said they came close to making an arrest but each time, the suspect was ruled out. we have 100 theories, we have 1,000 theories. we have no theories. it could easily be a random act. >> there are rumors that lewis told police who shot him before he died. he was talking but they thought he would survive and decided to
5:57 am
question him later a bill mandates helmets for boarders and skiers. parents of children who don't do it says will be fined $25 fine. critics say that it infringes and parental responsibility let's check to sal. the guys at the ski shop we aren't from say that we should wear a helmet. adult or kid. >> aisle' keep that in mind. 280 here. it looks nice. and fur looking at the sonolla gray -- and if you are looking at the sonolla gray, things here are looking good the latest on a local bay
5:58 am
area school. that may mean extra security as the kids go back to school.
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